Checkout options

I would like a cherry on top!

Do you have customers who require you to go that extra step further? Gift wrapping, special delivery notes, gift cards, requests for something extra special. If this sounds like something you want to offer your customers then this feature is for you. Checkout options allow you to personalise the information you receive from your customer during the cart checkout process. You can use this for one of the below examples provided or you can come up with any number of special requests for you customers to fill in. 

A few examples of possible uses for this section:
•    Florists who have customers who would like to request specific flowers or add a personal message to the recipient.
•    Gift shops that attach gift cards and need to know what message to write. 
•    Specific delivery details (Urgent, hard to find address, or no signature required.)
•    Ask your customers if they would like their products gift wrapped 
•    Alert your customers that you are running a cart discount to encourage them to add more to their cart. 

Here is the play by play on how to set it up. 
Click on Manage, then the Settings tab, head down to Checkout Options, then click on Edit Checkout Notes Fields. You will then be presented with the below fields to fill in. 
The required section can be used as a heading to introduce what you want from your customer. The section directly below allows you to write in greater detail exactly what you are looking for.
Here is how this will look in the eyes of your customers when they go through the checkout process. 
Once you click Finish you will be taken back to the checkout options page. You will notice that you can also add a message which is displayed to customers on the checkout confirmation page. This could be a simple thank you message or maybe you could offer them a coupon code that gives them 10% off their next purchase.
Here is where the message will appear to the customers.
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