Xero CSV Import

Are you are a Xero customer looking to sell online?

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Are you a Storbie customer wanting help with Xero?

This Xero CSV Import article below is now out of date as we now have a superior solution for synchronising your orders from Storbie into Xero via our built-in Xero Integration. Set up Xero Integration now.

If you do however need to export your orders manually into Xero please read the instructions below.
  1. In the Manage area go to Orders, now select Download (CSV), as shown below.
  2. This will take you to the below page where you can select the date range that you wish to export and then select the last option 'Export in a format that can be imported into Xero'.
  3. You will then see a box appear which you will probably want to type the number '200' in it. This is the default sales account for Xero so unless you have modified or created Xero accounts you should use ‘200’. You won’t need to enter this again as Storbie automatically remembers this for next time.
  4. Once you have the settings as you require click FINISH and the CSV file will download. To find out how to import your CSV file in Xero follow this link.


Q. Why does the dollar value of a line item not match my sale price?
A. Xero uses GST exclusive pricing whereas Storbie you have a choice of GST Inclusive, Exclusive and no tax.

Q. Why do I have “Rounding for Xero” line items in my imported invoices”?
A. Storbie and Xero calculate the GST in two different ways which can cause minor differences from time to time. Storbie calculates GST on the whole order whereas Xero applies GST per line item. This can lead to small rounding differences of one or two cents, in these instances Storbie automatically calculates rounding corrections that are included in the import file.  These rounding corrections will ensure that both the GST exclusive amount and the total GST are the same in both Storbie and Xero.  See this Xero article that explains how items are rounded in Xero.  This will change depending on whether your pricing is GST Exclusive, GST Inclusive or nil-GST. 

Q. I’ve been running a sale on the product but the original price is displayed in Xero, why?
A. Xero CSV import only allows a percentage discount to be applied. The original price must be imported but with a percentage discount that is automatically calculated during the Storbie export. To take an example:
•    A product that normally sells for $50 is on sale at $40.  
•    The store uses GST inclusive pricing.
•    GST Exclusive normal sale price is $43.48
•    GST Exclusive discounted price is $34.78
•    The percentage discount therefore will be 20.0% -  (43.48 – 34.78)/43.48 * 100%
•    So this line item will be imported into Xero with a dollar value of $43.48 with a 20% discount.

Q. Vouchers –  Why haven't my voucher payments come through when I imported into Xero? 
A. These are not included in the export or the import into Xero. This is to allow for the various options available for the accounting treatment of vouchers. Within Xero you can decide how to track the vouchers you sell and whether you want to track vouchers when you sell them to customers or when the customers have redeemed them. We recommend discussing your specific situation with your accountant to determine the appropriate treatment of vouchers. The IRD also provides details on the treatment of vouchers for GST purposes.

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