Adding a Facebook Like Button

Facebook is a great way to engage with customers and easily offer discounts, deals, and information. Here is a simple tutorial to help you link your shop to your Facebook account by adding a 'Like' button to every page.
  1. Firstly you'll need to make sure you've added a side bar on the right hand side of your page, you can do this by clicking on the 'add sidebar' image on the right of the edit page. Now that you have enabled the side bar move your mouse over the arrow as shown in the image below and select Facebook.

  2. Now in the right hand sidebar you will see the Facebook connection has appeared but it is not yet connected to your page. Now you will need to go to the Manage area and click on Social. Now click on the Edit Facebook settings button.

  3. Now you need to enter the URL of your Facebook page as shown in the example below the text box. You will then need enable the Like Box by selecting one or both of check boxes. Click finish and provided you have entered the URL correctly your Facebook 'Like' button should now be connected. 
Things to consider -
  1. Your Facebook link needs to be pointed at a Facebook Page, as opposed to a Facebook profile. You can create a Facebook Page here:
  2. The Like button might not be visible by default if your shop has a long name. If this is the case make sure you set the Like Box Height field to a larger value.
  3. To see what your customers will see, make sure you log out of your account on Facebook. This is particularly important when considering the correct value for the Like Box Height field.