Adding an Image Slideshow to a Page

Slideshows display a cycle of images which change every few seconds automatically. Your customers can also choose to move through them manually by clicking next and previous buttons. You can optionally link the images to different pages in your site making them ideal for visually highlighting your product ranges and current promotions.

Follow these steps to add a slideshow to your shop

  1. ‚ÄčNavigate to the page that you want to add the slideshow to. Hover over the more button in the area that will contain the slideshow and click Slideshow.
  2. Add your first image by dragging it into the highlighted area or by clicking to select an image. The height of the slideshow is determined by the height of this first image i.e. if this image is 300 pixels high the slideshow that will be displayed in the shop will be 300 pixels high.
  3. Optionally, associate a title, description and navigate link. The description will be displayed at the bottom of the image when it is displayed. The navigate link will allow the image to be clicked directing the customer to the URL you specify.
  4. To add another image to the slideshow drag and drop it into the selected area or click it select.
  5. Once you have added all of your images, choose a transition style and the length of time you would like to display each image for.
  6. Click FINISH and you're done!