Vend Point of Sale Integration

If you use the Vend Point of Sale system then a Storbie ecommerce store is the perfect companion. Products within Vend populate within your Storbie store and stock levels are automatically synchronised. Sell out of a product in your bricks-and-mortar store and it will automatically go out of stock on your site. Sell a product online and the purchase will be instantly visible within your Vend POS system so you know to scoop it off the shelf before a walk-in customer leaves the shop with it and you have to chase them down the street.

Please note that you must be on our Professional pricing plan to use Vend. You can change your plan in the "Payment Plan" area of your site under Settings. 

How It Works

Immediately after you set up integration with Vend, Storbie will extract all of your product information out of Vend, for the products that you have chosen to synchronise, and add them to your Storbie shop’s product catalogue. You may recall that all Storbie products have a unique product code. If a product already exists in Storbie with a product unique code that matches a product handle in Vend then they will be considered to be the same product and your Storbie product information will be replaced with the information in Vend. If there is no matching product then a new one will be created. Your Vend products will now be available in your Storbie store and you can place them on your shop’s pages.

In addition, the link between the systems will now be live and any changes that you make to your Vend product catalogue, such as adding new products and changing prices, will now begin to automatically synchronise into Storbie. Vend has therefore become your product catalogue master for any products that you want to sell online as well as within your physical store. You make the changes once in Vend and they will synchronise across to your ecommerce store within a couple of minutes.

Once the link is active Storbie will also begin to post your ecommerce sale information into Vend. This means that you will be able to view your online and point of sale orders in one place and your Vend stock levels will be kept up to date as purchases are made on your ecommerce site.

Vend will also notify Storbie of any point of sale sales or inventory updates to ensure that product stock levels are correct within your online store. If you sell the last of an item within your physical store it will automatically go out of stock online.

Summary of Integration

Products added to Vend Automatically synchronised into Storbie
Products updated in Vend Automatically synchronised into Storbie
Stock changes in Vend Automatically synchronised into Storbie
Sales in Storbie Automatically synchronised into Vend as orders

Note, that it possible to limit the products that are synchronized into Storbie from Vend to a subset as indicated by a Vend tag.

The following Vend product catalog information is synchnronised between Storbie and Vend:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Image (1st image only)
  • Variants & Skus
    • Price (Storbie price is the sum of Vend price and vend Tax)
    • Stock Levels

Additional Storbie information such as shipping settings, additional images, YouTube videos etc can be updated against a product within Storbie after the product has initially synchronised from Vend. If you have a lot of products then the quickest way to do this may be to use Storbie's product import. If you use product import against Vend integrated products, product information that is controlled by Vend is ignored. 

Before you begin the integration process we recommend that you do a full export of all existing product in your shop. You are able to do this in the Products Section of Manage my Shop. The export all products option is under the 'More' menu on the righthand side. That way if you want to restore your shop to how it was before the Vend integration, this is easy to do by simply importing the csv. file back into your shop.

Sending Existing Storbie Products Into Vend

The first thing to consider is which service, Storbie or Vend, currently holds your product catalogue. If the answer is Storbie then you will need to firstly export your products from Storbie and import them into Vend before setting up the synchronisation. If you already have all of your products in Vend then you can skip this step.

  1. Click on the Products tab in the manage shop area.
  2. Hover over the more menu and click Export Products for Vend.
  3. You will see that a Vend export job is now in progress.
  4. Wait for it to complete and then hover over the downloads icon
  5. You will see that two files are ready for download.
  6. Click on each file to download. 
  7. Use the Vend Export file to load your Storbie product catalogue into Vend. See the Vend import documentation on how to do this.
  8. Use the Vend Stock Export file to update Vend with your current Storbie stock levels. See the Vend stock import documentation on how to do this.

Getting Vend Ready for Synchronisation

Before getting Storbie integration set up within Vend there are a couple of things to do within your Vend account.

  1. Create a product within Vend that Storbie can use to for any line items on ecommerce orders that do not relate to Vend products. One example of this is shipping charges. Once Vend integration is enabled Storbie will post ecommerce orders into Vend automatically and this product will be used to post these miscellaneous ecommerce order costs into Vend.
  2. If you want to synchronise only a subset of your products with your ecommerce store, create a product tag such ‘online’ and associate it with all of the products that you want included. This is not necessary if you are going to synchronise all of your Vend products with Storbie. 

Setting Up Synchronisation with Vend

Now let’s go ahead and set up a Storbie store to synchronise with Vend.

  1. Click on the Products tab in the manage shop area of your Storbie store.
  2. Click Enable Vend Integration.
  3. Enter your Vend shop URL, username and password or if you are already logged into your Vend Account simply Allow Access.
  4. Enter the handle of the product that you created in Vend for Storbie to use for non-Vend line items.
  5. You can choose to synchronise only a subset of your Vend products into your ecommerce store. To do this enter a Vend product tag. Only Vend products with this tag will be synchronised.
  6. Click NEXT.
  7. Choose the Vend outlet, tax and payment type for Storbie to lodge ecommerce orders against.
  8. Click FINISH.
  9. You should now see that a Vend Synchronisation job is in progress.
  10. If you refresh your product catalogue page in Storbie as the job progresses you will begin to see your Vend products arrive into Storbie.
  11. Wait for the synchronisation to complete.
  12. The integration is now set up. You may like to try adding a new product in Vend and see it automatically synchronise into your store.

Displaying Vend Products in Your Store

Once products have been synchronised into Storbie you can add them on to your pages just like any other product. Because Vend allows you to specify tags against products, just like Storbie, and these tags are synchronised, it is best to display the products in product galleries using these tags rather than specifying the products one by one. This way, when you add a new product in Vend and tag it correctly it will automatically appear on the correct pages in your store.

Here’s an example:

  1. Navigate to a page where you would like to display some Vend products. 
  2. Add a Product Gallery.
  3. Choose Products will be chosen by specifying product tags.
  4. Enter the product tag for the products that you want to display on the page.
  5. Click FINISH.
  6. Products with that tag will be displayed in the gallery.
  7. Now if you add a new product in Vend with that tag at a later time it will automatically be made available for sale in your ecommerce store on that page.

Putting Vend Products on Sale

Storbie uses product tags to identify which products are on included in a promotion. You can take advantage of this to include Vend products in a Storbie promotion by changing its tags in Vend and letting the change synchronise into Storbie.

For example:

  1. Go to Promotions & Coupons in the Settings tab of the shop management area.
  2. Click Add a PRODUCT SALE.
  3. Choose a name for the sale.
  4. Click NEXT.
  5. Choose that the sale will be active immediately and continue until further notice and click NEXT.
  6. Specify a discount.
  7. Choose the discount applies to products with specific tags and specify a tag.
  8. Click FINISH.
  9. Products with that tag will now be on special.
  10. If you add this tag to other products in Vend at a later time, they will be included in this special within your ecommerce store.

There are many other kinds of promotions that you can use against your Vend products. For more information see discounts and vouchers.


  • Once integration is enabled you can still add products directly within Storbie however these will not synchronise into Vend. This can be useful if you have some products that you want to sell online only. If you want these products to become synchronised at a later date create a product within Vend with the same handle as the Storbie product’s product unique code and they will link up.
  • Vend Integration is only available on our Professional and Premium plans.