Flo2Cash Integration

Flo2Cash is a New Zealand owned and operated payment provider. Flo2Cash accepts a wide range of credit cards, easy to set up and there is no need to establish a merchant account with your bank.

Once a customer has chosen to buy an item(s) from your shopping cart, Storbie takes them through a checkout process and then directs them to Flo2Cash to make the purchase. The customer is then returned to your site once the payment is complete. Flo2Cash payments are also automatically lodged against an order and can be viewed in Storbie’s order management area. To accept credit card payments using Flo2Cash web payments,  first contact Flo2Cash on 0800 356 222 or visit their website to use the contact form.

How to set up Flo2Cash in your Storbie shop

When you have signed up for Flo2Cash you will be provided with a Account ID. Once you have these details you can have Flo2Cash integrated within your Storbie shop in minutes.
  1. Navigate to the payments area in your Storbie shop's settings area and choose to add Flo2Cash web payments as a payment method:
  2. Enter your Flo2Cash Account ID. This will be a five or six digit number given to you during the Flo2Cash set up process.
  3. Click NEXT.
  4. You will have the option to change the price of an order if a customer chooses to use Flo2Cash as their payment method.
  5. Click FINISH.
  6. Once these steps have been completed correctly, integration with Flo2Cash is complete. Don’t forget to publish your changes to make the new payment type available to your customers.