Managing Product Tags

Products in Storbie have product tags associated with them which effect how they behave and where they are displayed. As the number of products within your shop grows you will find that these product tags save you a lot of time. You are able to use them, for example, to mark a set of products for a Christmas special, automatically listing them on your Christmas page as well as marking those product down by 20% all in one go.

We will illustrate this by creating a product and placing it on to a page using a product tag that we have created ourselves.
  1. Click on the Manage MY SHOP button.
  2. Click on the Products tab. You will see any products that you have created earlier listed in your product catalogue. Also note that if you have added them to product galleries then they will have tags already. They will have been created automatically to associate the products with the product galleries in which they were added. If you were to remove those tags then the product would not show in those galleries anymore.
  3. Now we’ll create a new product. Stay in the product management area (we are not creating this product from within a product gallery this time) and click on Create a NEW PRODUCT.
  4. Give the product a name and price then click FINISH.
  5. The product will be listed in your catalogue, however because it has been created in the product management area and not from within a product gallery, it won’t be displayed anywhere in your shop.
  6. Click on the check box to the left of the new product to select it.
  7. Click on the button Edit product tags.
  8. In the box marked add a tag type in the word ‘Special’ and press enter.
  9. Click the UPDATE button. This will update the selected product to have a product tag named Special.
  10. We will now add the product on to a page in your shop using the product tag named Special. Navigate to a page in your shop to add the product to and add a new product gallery.
  11. On the first product gallery step select the second option ‘Products will be chosen by specifying product tags.’
  12. Click in the box that says add a tag and type in the tag Special. This indicates that all products with this tag should be shown in this product gallery.
  13. Note that if you add more than one tag into a single box then all of those tags must be present in the product for the product to be shown. If you add a tag set into a different box marked OR then this means that the product will be shown in the gallery if the product has all the tags in one box or all of the tags in another box.
  14. Click FINISH.
  15. The product that you created earlier is now listed in this gallery because it has the product tag Special.
  16. Navigate on Manage MY SHOP and go to the product management tab.
  17. Select both products by checking the boxes to their left.
  18. Click on Edit product tags.
  19. All three product tags associated with the products are displayed, however they are grey because they are not associated with all of the selected products, only some of them.
  20. Click in the middle of the tag named Special. It will go a darker colour indicating that it should now be associated with all of the selected products.
  21. Click UPDATE. The Special tag is now associated with both of the products.
  22. Navigate to the page on which contains the product gallery that you created that shows products with a tag of Special.
  23. Both products are now displayed on that page.