Vouchers act like a cash payment for goods in your shop. They allow you to receive payment before you exchange any goods. 

Vouchers can be sold in your store to people who want to give somebody a gift, but want the receiver of the gift to be able to choose the specific product. They can also be used as a means for you to participate in a one-day scheme. For example, you can sell a $100 voucher for $50 on a one-day site to promote your store. 

Example - Create a Voucher

  1. Go to the Settings tab in your shop's Manage area.
  2. Click on Vouchers
  3. Choose to Add a Voucher
  4. Enter a name for the voucher and click NEXT.
  5. Leave the dates blank or enter an expiry date for the voucher. 
  6. Type in the one off codes that recipients will use to redeem the vouchers. If this is for a one-day deal then you will probably have the voucher codes sent to you in a text file from the website. You can simply copy and paste the codes in, one line per code.
  7. Enter in the value of the voucher and click FINISH.
  8. Test the voucher by previewing your store and adding some products into the cart. The ability to pay using vouchers will appear in your checkout after you create your first voucher.
  9. Vouchers are like cash. They come off the total price of the order, including product amounts, postage and handling, and tax. If the value of the goods in the cart is less than the value of the voucher then the voucher will also apply to any shipping costs.