Managing Discounts & Vouchers

Searching for Promotions

You can find a promotion by searching a part of it's name, coupon code, or voucher code do so using the search bar(in the promotions area of 'manage my shop') and clicking search. By default, only enabled promotions are shown. To show disabled promotions, check the Show Disabled Promotions checkbox and click search. 

You can also filter the promotions by type by clicking on the links above the search box.

Disabling and Deleting Promotions 

Promotions can be disabled by clicking on the Disable link to their right. When a promotion is disabled, and you publish those changes, it stops applying to your customer's orders. Disabled orders can be re-enabled at a later time. 

If a promotion has not yet been used in any orders then it can be deleted. Deleting a promotion is permanent.

Promotion Statistics

Each promotion shows three statistics: orders, order $, and discounts. 
  • Orders: The number of orders that the promotion has been applied to.
  • Order $: The total non-discounted value of all of the orders that have had the promotion applied to them.  
  • Discounts: The total discount amount that has been applied by the promotion.
The above statistics are for all orders that are either waiting to be paid, paid or processed. If you cancel an order that has used a promotion then it will be removed from the promotions's statistics.