Adding Text to a Page

To add text (optionally wrapping around an image) to a page:
  1. Navigate to the page on which you want to add some text.
  2. Click the toolbar Text button at the top of the area that you wish to add text to or select formatted text under the content items.
  3. Type in your text.
  4. You can change the format of each paragraph by selecting from the Style drop down… 
  5. …or clicking on the numbering and bullet point buttons.
  6. You can change the format of words or letters to bold, italicised or underlined.
  7. To add a hyperlink to a page in your site, or to another site, select the text that you want to represent the link and click on the paperclip button.
  8. You can adjust the text alignment to left, right, centered or justified.
  9. Type in the URL that you want to link to and click OK.
  10. When you have entered your text, click NEXT.
  11. The following step allows you to optionally choose an image that will be displayed alongside the text.
  12. Find an image on your computer that you want to display alongside the text.
  13. Drag it onto the area that says Drop FILES HERE.
  14. Click NEXT.
  15. Choose how to position the image within the text.
  16. Click NEXT.
  17. Choose a border for the image.
  18. Click FINISH.
  19. The text and image are displayed on the page.

Copying and Pasting Text

It is possible to copy and paste text from an external editor such as Microsoft Word. When you do this we retain permitted formatting, BOLD, ITALIC, UNDERLINING, and bullet points. Similarly any text that is marked with a 'Heading 2' or 'Heading 3' style will be converted correctly. As it is good practice to only have one Heading 1 as the title text for your page and we already display one of these on each page, anything that is a 'Heading 1' will be converted to a 'Heading 2'  . 

Text Editing Tips

  • If you press shift + enter this will create a break on to the next line rather than just enter which creates a new paragraph with a gap above it.
  • Each Text content item can only have one image, but you can stack multiple Text items on top of each other if you wish to display more.
  • To enhance the way that your shop displays in searches such as on Google, you should have a logical structure for your headings. By default each page already has a top level heading (H1) which displays the main title of the page. In your content you should use H2 for subheadings, and H3 if a further level of sub heading is desired.