Search Engine Optimisation

This guide will help you optimise your Storbie shop to rank well in search engines. The most popular search engine is Google.

How it works

As a first step we recommend familiarising yourself with how search engines work, through this fun and informative introduction video by Google engineer Matt Cutts.

Optimising your shop

Next we recommend that you have a look at the Google Search Engine Optimisation Starter Guide. That guide includes examples of how to use the various SEO options provided by Storbie. Note that while these steps can help your shop achieve better rankings in Google they are optional and your website will still be listed in Google regardless of which suggestions you choose to implement. 
You can download the Google Starter Guide via the link below -
Here are some tips about how to apply the recommendations in that guide to your Storbie shop - (To find the advanced SEO options in your Storbie site, go to the page you want to make the changes to, hold your mouse over the 'this page' drop down menu, then click 'Edit SEO settings').
  1. Page 4, ‘Create unique, accurate page titles’: The first field on the Meta Data step of our SEO Settings page.
  2. Page 6, ‘Make use of the “description” meta tag’: The second field on the Meta Data step of our SEO Settings page.
  3. Page 8, ‘Improve the structure of your URLs’: We do most of this for you, but you can edit the end part of the page URL on the URL step of our SEO Settings page.
  4. We also provide a keywords field. That field is no longer recommended by Google and has only been included because some users specifically request it. You can safely ignore it.
  5. You can verify your website with the Google Search Console via the Site Verifications page in the Settings tab in the Manage area. Check out our step-by-step instructions.

Hire an expert

Some website operators choose to hire professional SEO experts to optimise their website for search engines. This can be a very effective way to rise to the top of search engine rankings for competitive keywords, but it can also be very expensive compared to the other costs of running a Storbie shop.