Discounts & Vouchers Overview

Storbie supports the creation of many types of promotions.

Product Specials

"Usually $30, now only $24.99"

If you need to shift some old or surplus stock on a specific product, or give customers the immediate impression that they're getting a special 'deal', a good ol' Product Special is a great way to do it. All you need to do is pick a product and set the dollar amount to discount it to. Both values will be displayed next to your product with the original amount crossed out so your shoppers can quickly see how much they're saving.

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Product Sales

"Get in quick to save 20% on our entire aquarium range!"

If you want to discount an entire range of products you use a Product Sale. This kind of promotion is great for targeting events like gift giving dates (Get 20% off all women's wear for Mother's Day!) or for other public events (Summer's coming! Take 10% off all sun blocks!). It's as simple as tagging some products and setting a discount percentage. You can even create an entire store-wide sale for a limited time with a few simple clicks.

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Cart Discounts

"Buy two, get one free!"

A great way to drive bulk buying is by offering a Cart Discount. These work by applying a discount amount if the right criteria are met. For example: "Buy four bags of fish food and get an extra one free!" Or: "Get 20% off when you buy three or more items from our t-shirt range!" A cart discount is made of two parts: a cart 'condition' (e.g. the cart must have at least two t-shirts/ the cart must have three fishbowls/ etc) and a discount (as a percentage or a free item offer).

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"Enter this code at the checkout to get $20 off your purchase!"

Coupons tick a couple of boxes: 1. They give your offer exclusivity ("This coupon is for your eyes only! Enter it at the checkout to get 25% off! Just because we love you…"), 2. They are track-able (you can use one coupon code for your print advertising and another code for your online media allowing you to track the effectiveness of each). You can include terms and conditions, set the discount offer and send away! Like the other discounts there is a a lot of flexibility for setting criteria and discount types. You can even create a coupon to promote a shipping discount offer.

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"Choose your one day deal t-shirt using this voucher code!"

Vouchers act like a cash payment for goods in your shop, allowing you to receive payment before you exchange any goods. The receiver of the voucher then uses the voucher to buy goods from your store during an optionally limited time period. Because you can copy and paste in hundreds of voucher codes, Storbie vouchers are fantastic for managing orders from ‘Daily Deal’ systems.

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Shipping Discounts

"Spend over $80 and get free shipping!"

Even though shipping is a necessary part of online shopping it can often be seen as an annoying or surprise expense so Storbie allows you to easily discount shipping or make it completely free. Like other discounts you can set 'criteria' to provide an incentive for customers to take advantage of free or discounted shipping i.e. "Free shipping when you spend over $100" or "50% off shipping when you buy two or more products". You can also choose shipping discounts to apply to specific regions and product ranges. i.e. "Free Shipping for all New Zealand customers"

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