Can I offer wholesale?

There are a few ways in which you can offer wholesale access and pricing to your customers.
  1. Set up discount codes. You can offer wholesale pricing to selected customers by setting up coupon codes.
  2. Convert your store to a Storbie wholesale store. Storbie wholesale allows you to restrict store access to a specific set of buyers, specified by you. You have control over who buys from your store – simply send an invitation to their email address and then manage their access within your shop’s management area. Note that once you change your store to wholesale all buyers will need a log in to access and buy from your store.
  3. Open a separate wholesale store. You can create a second Storbie store for wholesale purposes. We can duplicate your existing store as a starting point for your wholesale store so you don't need to recreate it from scratch (contact to get this done). You can then use the product import/export feature to synchronise your inventory across your two stores.

Please contact for more information about shop duplication and any other questions you may have about wholesale.