Which credit card provider is right for me?

Storbie currently supports these credit card payment providers - eWAY, PayPal, Flo2cash, DPS Payment Express, and Kiwibank Fetch.

eWAY has affordable pricing plans that scale depending on your transaction volume and value. There are no set up fees or fixed-term contracts. Plus get paid faster with same day settlement.

PayPal is our most popular provider because it is so quick and easy to create an account, there is no set up fee and there are no minimum monthly fees.

Flo2cash, DPS Payment Express and Kiwibank Fetch have the advantage that they are New Zealand operated and provide an improved experience for your customers. If you have sufficient sales to justify the additional set up and minimum monthly fees then we recommend switching to one of these providers.

The big difference between DPS Payment Express, Flo2cash and Kiwibank Fetch is that DPS and Fetch require you to have a credit card merchant account with your bank whereas Flo2cash does not. If you have a physcial shop that accepts credit card payments then DPS or Fetch is a very convenient choice. If you do not then Flo2cash is likely to be the easier and more cost effective choice.

If you choose eWAY you can simply view our eWAY Setup Guide and follow the easy steps, likewise with PayPal view our PayPal Setup Guide.

If you wish to use Flo2cash, DPS Payment Express or Kiwibank Fetch, or if you require any additional information, simply contact us at support@storbie.com with your requirements and we will help you with the next steps.

Tip: You can change your payment provider at any time, so if you're just getting started we recommend trying eWAY or PayPal and then switching to Flo2cash, DPS or Fetch once your sales build up.


Check out the table below to see the associated costs for each system. Prices are exclusive of GST except for PayPal.