Configuring Facebook Messenger Live Chat

This feature is currently in Beta. Please contact Storbie support to have it activated for your shop.

Facebook Messenger integration allows your customers to start a conversation with you directly from your Storbie website. By clicking on the Facebook Messenger icon in the bottom right of your site, a messenger chat box will open, allowing real-time communication with your customers. 

Tip: If you're keen to give this a go, ensure that you receive notifications when Facebook Messenger receives a message. 

To set up Facebook Messenger: 
  1. In the Manage area of your site, navigate to the Apps tab
  2. Locate the Facebook Messenger box and click Install
  3. Enter your Facebook Page Id and click Install

    To find your Facebook Page Id, go to your shop's Facebook page and click on About. At the bottom of this page you will find your Page Id. Click here for Facebook's article on locating your Page Id.
  4. Now, head into your shop's Facebook page and click into Settings
  5. Click on Messenger Platform
  6. Scroll down to Whitelisted Domains and add your Storbie URL (eg.
  7. Click Save and you're good to go!
Note: If there are regular time periods where you will be unable to respond to customer queries, you can configure Out of Office Hours in your Facebook. Please see this article for instructions on how to do so. 

If you have any further questions about this, feel free to contact our support team here.