Recovering Abandoned Orders

An order is abandoned if the customer fails to complete payment after being transferred to a third-party payment provider. For example, an order would be marked as abandoned if a customer closes their browser after being transferred to the PayPal payment page. If no payment notification is received within 30 minutes Storbie will mark the order as abandoned and release any reserved stock so that it is available for purchase by other customers.

However, in rare cases, Storbie might not receive payment confirmation from the payment provider despite the customer completing payment. Check the Abandoned Orders page if you receive a payment notice from your payment provider but you do not receive the Storbie order confirmation email. Here, you can manually set these orders as Processed. Note that the customer will not have received the order confirmation email and you will need to manually adjust your stock levels. If this is a common occurrence for your shop then please contact Storbie support so we can check your payment integration is configured correctly.

To recover abandoned orders:

  1.  Head to Orders and click on Abandoned
  2. Click on the appropriate order. This will take you the associated Order Details page. 
  3. If you are confident that you have received full payment, click on Mark this order as paid
  4. If you head to the Orders view, you will see that the order in the All and Paid views. You can now fulfil the order as per normal.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact our support team here.