Google AdWords integration

Google AdWords is an online advertising service provided by Google. Advertisers pay Google to display links to their website in relevant locations on the internet, driving potential customers to their website. This includes the ability to have your website appear at the top of Google search results, above the unpaid listings. 

You can set up conversion tracking within your site so that you can track the success of your Google AdWords campaigns. Conversion tracking allows you to measure how many people complete a purchase after clicking on one of your ads.

You can choose how to advertise your content, with options such as:
  • text-based search ads
  • graphic display ads
  • YouTube video ads,
  • in-app mobile ads.
It is free to create a Google AdWords account. You will be prompted to set up a budget and Google will then use your budget to optimise the advertising that is published for your website. You will only pay when someone clicks your ad to visit your website. The amount you pay will vary according to many factors, including the competitiveness of the keywords you are targeting and where the ad is published.

For more on how Google Adwords works, please refer to the Google Adwords website.
Google Adwords also provides some useful articles and guides on how to manage your Adwords account.

All that you need to set up Google Adwords integration in your Storbie site is your Conversion Tracking Code from within Google Analytics. Storbie removes the technical worries of adding specific code to specific pages of your website. 

If you haven't created a Google Adwords account yet, you will need to complete the sign-up process first.

Once you have a Google Adwords account, you can set up conversion tracking in your Storbie site by taking the following steps:

  1. Under Manage, go to Settings

  2. In the left hand menu, under Marketing, select Analytics
  3. Select Edit Google AdWords settings
  4. Go to the Tracking Code page and select yes, activate Google Adwords conversion tracking
    Enter in your conversion tracking code and press Next
  5. When you have confirmed that the required information has been successfully extracted from your script, press Finish