Setting up a "pick-up in store" option

As part of setting up shipping, you can offer pick up so that customers can collect their purchases in store. This provides an opportunity to upsell and connect directly with your customer. If this is an option for you, it should be made available.

To set up a pick up delivery method:
  1. Go to the Settings area, under Manage
  2. Under Ecommerce, select Shipping
  3. Select Edit for the country you want to offer the pick up option in
  4. Select Add a delivery method
  5. Enter the details of the pick up option and select Finish
    Some department stores in New Zealand charge a collection fee. We don't suggest doing this. If you offer pick-ups and want to promote it, add information to your website that highlights the offer of "Free Pick Ups" or "No Charge for Collection".
    Provide a time frame for pick-ups along with your opening hours and let customers know how soon after ordering they will be able to collect items. Have all the information in one place to save them searching all over your website to find what they need.

  6. The pick up option will now display in your Settings
  7. Select Publish Changes for these changes to take effect on your public site.