Laybuy Integration

Laybuy allows your customers to receive today and pay later. Laybuy increases basket size, improves conversion and removes credit risk, all while making purchases more affordable for your customers. When buyers select the “Pay by Laybuy” option at the checkout, they are required to pay just one sixth of the total cost up front before receiving their order. The remainder owing will be paid in weekly instalments.

The sale is treated as immediately completed and Storbie shop owners receive payment from Laybuy within 48 hours. As opposed to in-store layby, there’s no need to put stock aside pending a later payment and Laybuy assumes all non-payment risk.

Orders made through Laybuy will incur a 4.75% fee.  For more info on Laybuy please click here.

To set up Laybuy in your Storbie site follow the steps below:
  1. You will first need to sign up to be a merchant with Laybuy. This is very quick and easy to complete and can be done here.
  2.  Once you have signed up with Laybuy navigate to the Settings area of your Storbie site, then under Ecommerce select Payment Methods
  3. Click on Add Laybuy support
  4. Enter your Merchant ID and API Key and then select Finish

    If you have any queries or feedback, feel free to contact the team at