Product suggestions

Unleash the power of cross-selling and upselling with product suggestions! This powerful feature is proven to increase revenue, conversion rate and average order value. You can add a ‘Product Suggestions’ content item to a page, product page, the cart, or as a page master item (perhaps as a footer!). Shoppers will see related and popular products as they browse your site, relevant to the product they are currently viewing and the products they have added to their cart. The product suggestions are based on previous purchases made by other customers that have shopped on your site. You can also choose to filter suggestions by products with a particular classification or product tags, and choose the maximum number of suggestions to display, up to 10.

To add Products Suggestions in your sidebar:​

  1. Add a sidebar to a page
  2. Select Product Suggestions
  3. Add a Title for your Product Suggestions
  4. You have the option to filter which Product Suggestions will appear on the page.
    You can either filter by classification or filter by product tags

    To filter by classification, select Choose and search for the appropriate classification

    To filter by product tags, search for the tag in the add a tag box 
  5. Select how many Product Suggestions you would like to display
  6. Your product suggestions will now display in your sidebar

To add Product Suggestions to a page:

  1. Navigate to the page and add Product Suggestions as a content item

To add Product Suggestions on every product page:

  1. ​Go to Settings

  2. Go to Master Pages. You have the option to add Product Suggestions into the header of each page, the main area of each page or inside each product page.

    In this example we will use the Product Master settings to display Product Suggestions on every product page
  3. Add the Product Suggestions content item to your Product Master page

  4.  Product Suggestions will now appear on every product page 

    If you have any questions or if you would like some assistance, you can contact the team at