Adding a Footer

Ever found yourself adding the same thing to every page in your site? Did you know that with Master Items you can add this repeated content easily in one place and have it automatically show on all of your pages? Now, with Master Item - Footers you can add your footer content automatically to the bottom of your pages as well as other areas such as your sidebar or header.

When editing Master Pages, there is now a 'page content' placeholder. You can add master page items above or below this. Any master item that you place below your page content will act as a footer in that area on all pages by default. You can then optionally hide the content on individual pages.

  • Header Master relates to content that will be added to every page header, "This page defines a header that appears on all of the pages on your site, including in the checkout.​"
  • Items that you add in your Page Master will appear on every non-product page, "This page defines content that appears on all of the non-product pages on your site.​"
  • Content that you add in your Product Master will appear on every product page in your site, "This page defines content that appears on all of the product pages on your site.​"
Now that the explaining is out of the way let's add a Footer! As we mentioned before, Footers in Storbie act a little differently, therefore to add what you would call as a conventional footer you'll need to edit your PAGE MASTER.

  1. Once you click on the button shown above you'll be presented with the following page.
  2. A common example where a footer may be necessary is placing copyright information on your site. To do so, click the Text button on the content bar.
  3. Enter the text that you would like to be displayed as a footer.
  4. Click FINISH.
  5. After you click FINISH you'll see your text appear at the bottom of this page and now every non-product page in your site. Click PREVIEW to check it out.
  6. Once you've checked a few pages remember to Publish Changes so it is visible to your customers. 
If you have any further questions regarding Footers or Master Pages please let us know.