GoSweetSpot Integration

GoSweetSpot is New Zealand's largest courier and freight aggregator allowing thousands of businesses to easily and inexpensively ship their products to destinations around the world. With this integration your orders in Storbie will automatically be sent to your GoSweetSpot account for instant access to their shipping tools.

Please note that you must be on our Professional pricing plan to use GoSweetSpot. You can change your plan in the "Payment Plan" area of your site under Settings.
GoSweetSpot also require a minimum of 15 products to be sent per week to use their service.

If you have yet to sign up for GoSweetSpot please get in touch here, remember to mention that you are a Storbie customer and they'll point you in the right direction 
  1. Once you've sorted your GoSweetSpot account head to the Manage area in your Storbie shop
  2. Click on the Settings tab
  3. On the lefthand menu you'll then see External System Integration (API), choose this option
  4. You'll now see a button over to the right of your screen to Create API Key, click this
  5. In the wizard you'll first need to give this integration a name, we'd suggest 'GoSweetSpot' given that this is an integration with GoSweetSpot!
  6. You'll notice that the next two fields have already been filled out, they are very important. We'd suggest that you store both the API Key Code and API Secret securely in a password protected note or similar as you won't have access to these details after you finish the wizard.
  7. Once you have taken note of the API Key Code and API Secret you'll need to log into GoSweetSpot.
  8. Hover over Administration and select Integration 
  9. Click on the STORBIE logo

  10. Now you'll be presented with a box to enter information to connect your Storbie shop. 
  11. For your Link Nickname we'd suggest that you use your Storbie shop name, although this can be anything you wish.
  12. Your Website Address needs to be your Shop URL as shown below:

  13. Choose your GoSweetSpot Cost Centre.
  14. Depending on the volume of orders that you process you can decide on how often GoSweetSpot fetches orders from Storbie. Adjust the Sync Frequency accordingly.
  15. The final option, Send Back Ticket Number is recommended if you'd like to have access to the tracking number in the orders area in Storbie. It will appear here:
  16. Now you can click SAVE to complete the integration.

If you have any questions or need a hand with GoSweetSpot and Storbie please email us.