Updating the price of a product

If you are wanting to quickly update the price of a product follow the steps below.
  1. You'll first need to be in the Products tab in your Manage area.
  2. Here you'll see a list of the products in your shop. To adjust the price for an individual product click the '$' icon on the righthand side of the product that you are wanting to update.
  3. Once you've clicked on this button you'll be taken straight to the product pricing page for this product. You'll now be able adjust your product price and special price if applicable. 
  4. Once you've entered a new price click FINISH to complete this change

If you are familiar with managing CSV files or spreadsheets you can alternatively use our import/export tools to update your product catalogue. For instructions on how to export your product see this support article.
Once you have made your changes you can import your products back into your Storbie site as described here.