Accepting or declining requests to join your marketplace

Storbie site owners are able to request to join markets on the Storbie platform that they think their products may be relevant to. 

To accept or decline these requests as a Marketplace owner follow the steps below:
  1. Go to Sites in the Manage section of your marketplace
  2. Change the filter on the left-hand side to Requested
  3. To Approve or Decline an individual site click the corresponding button on the righthand side of the listed site. Or alternatively, to Approve or Decline multiple sites at once select them and use buttons as shown below. 
  4. After you have chosen whether to Approve or Decline the site/s you'll see a confirmation.
  5. The site owner will also receive a notification in their Markets tab to let them know whether they have been Accepted into or Declined (Not Accepted) from joining your marketplace.