Assigning a new card to pay for your Storbie site

If you'd like to add or change the card that you use for paying for your Storbie site fees follow the steps below.
  1. You'll first need to navigate to your Site Account page, click the quick link in the top righthand corner of your browser.
  2. If you have yet to assign a card to your Storbie site you'll need to click add a card

    If you have an existing card that is already assigned to your site you'll see this screen instead. Click Add a credit card and skip to here.

  3. Confirm your monthly fee and click Set up payment 
  4. Now enter your new credit or debit card details here. Please note that this is a secure page and your details are protected by a strong encryption engine.
  5. When you have entered your details and clicked Save you'll return to your Storbie site and your new card will be assigned to this site. 

Done. Easy as that! If you have any questions about this process please get in touch with Support.