Managing Your Markets

Storbie is committed to developing the most loved ecommerce platform in the world. Unique to Storbie is the ability to create online marketplaces that connect numerous individual online stores and their products together but still allow shoppers to connect with individual brands and help businesses sell more. In this way, the Storbie online store and marketplace builder doesn’t leave retailers standing on their own in the world of ecommerce.

Being a Storbie shop owner you have the unique ability to be involved in many marketplaces that may be relevant to your business. To take advantage of this you'll first need to be in the Manage area of your site and then jump into the 'Markets' tab. From here you can search, view, manage and ask to join Marketplaces on the Storbie platform.

When your site has been accepted into a marketplace you will see it in your Markets tab, along with any other marketplaces that you are involved in.

 Joining a marketplace 

To join a marketplace you'll need to request access and be accepted by the marketplace itself. 
  1. To request to join you'll first need to search the name of the marketplace. This is located in the lefthand side of the Markets area.
  2. Typing in the name of the marketplace will display the name, a brief summary and its categories
  3. Now click Join in the top right 
  4. In this wizard you'll be able to choose whether all of your products will be included or only a subset will display in the marketplace. E.g. You may sell a range of goods which could include health products, in this case you can just include your heath related products by using an existing tag in your shop. 
    Learn more about tags.​
  5. Click FINISH to submit your request to join this marketplace.
  6. Once the marketplace has reviewed your request you will receive a response. 
  7. If your request is accepted (Active) we'd recommend that you now choose some categories. Learn how. 
  8. If your request is Not Accepted you'll see the message below. If you would like to query this we'd recommend that you contact the marketplace directly.

    Another state that you may find yourself in is Deactivated. If this occurs your site will still be associated with this marketplace although none of your products will appear in categories or search. If you are in this state and wish to query this please contact the marketplace directly.

Choosing categories

A marketplace offers multiple categories which allows a site owner like yourself to contribute products to. Categories are created by marketplaces to offer promotions or to categorise products.

As an example this marketplace is offering Cyber Monday Deals and you may wish to partake in this promotion.

  1. To join this category click the Choose button to the right.
  2. Now choose the product/s that you would like to add to this category. The marketplace may also restrict the number of products that you are able to include. If this is the case you will see the restriction 'choose up to X products to apply to this category'
  3. Click FINISH and your product/s will be be displayed in this category. 

Editing products in a category

  1. Go to your Markets tab  
  2. To alter the products that are displayed in this category click on the 'cog' icon.
  3. Here you'll be offered various options to decide which products you'd like to display in this category
The first option (All of my products are applicable to this category) places all of your site's products in this category. For example, if you only sell clothing goods in your Storbie site you should choose this option.

The second option (Only some of my products are applicable. I will select them by tag) allows you to use an existing tag in your site to select which products to add into the category. If you sell a variety of products it is recommended that you use this option. You can find more information on setting up tags here.​

The last option (Only some of my products are applicable. I will select them individually) allows you to pick products one by one that are applicable to the category. E.g if you only have a few products that are appropriate for this category you would use this option to select them.

Removing products from a category

  1. Navigate to your Markets tab
  2. Find the Marketplace category that you would like to remove your products from.
  3. Click Remove to stop your products from showing in the category. 
    Please note this will only remove the products that were originally chosen for that particular category, it will not remove your products from the marketplace entirely.

Removing your site from a marketplace

Removing your site from a marketplace withdraws you from a marketplace entirely, you will not appear in any categories or in search. Bear in mind that if you do this and wish to re-add your products at a later date you need to go through the request to join process again.
  1. Go to your Markets tab
  2. You'll then see the Remove button to the right of the marketplace tile, click this.
  3. Confirm that you would like to remove your site from this marketplace. Click OK.
  4. Once you have pressed OK you will be removed from this marketplace.
If you have any further questions or are interested in creating your own marketplace find out more