Marketplace Management Overview

Creating a site

A marketplace contains connected sites which are businesses that are in some way associated with the marketplace theme e.g. a marketplace that features local businesses in a municipal area. These sites can easily be created either individually or by importing them from a CSV file. To create sites, see the instructions here.

Inviting site owners

Once you have added sites to your marketplace you will be prompted to invite the owners of those particular sites to edit and update their site themselves. You can invite people to be the owner of each site in your marketplace when you are ready, find out how here.

Accepting or declining join requests

Storbie site owners can request to join your marketplace if it is visible to them in their Markets tab (not applicable if your marketplace's visibility is set to 'hidden' or 'invite only'.  For instructions on accepting or declining marketplace requests click here.

Setting sites live

If you have retained ownership of a site then you can change its status to live so that it appears in your marketplace. More on setting sites live can be found here.

Deactivating and Reactivating sites

If you wish to remove a site from your marketplace you can deactivate it. This site will no longer appear in your marketplace but it does not shutdown or delete the site itself. It is possible to reactivate the site in the future if required. To learn more about deactivating and reactivating sites see this article.


As the marketplace owner you can create categories to which site owners can contribute products from their sites. This functionality allows you to create promotions or categories to use in the Marketplace search content item. For example, you may wish to create a "Father's Day" category where sites can contribute gifts suitable for the occasion. For more information on creating categories for products within your market, click here.

Marketplace search

The marketplace search content item allows you to display a selection of sites and/or products in a designated area of your market. For example, products from a "Father's Day" category can be displayed on a page using this feature. Instructions for creating a marketplace search content item can be found here.