Marketplace search

The marketplace search content item allows you to display a selection of sites and/or products in a designated area of your marketplace.

For example, you could set one up to display all of the sites in your marketplace that sell women's clothing or you could display a selection of sites and products from sites that relate to women's clothing.
  1. Navigate to the Edit section your marketplace
  2. In the Content bar, hover over the down arrow and select Marketplace Search
  3. Choose whether you would like to display items across all sites or whether you would like to restrict it to a certain category or classification.
  4. Now choose what type of items you would like to display. To do so follow the instructions below.

    If you would like to display only sites/businesses in this area, slide the businesses bar up to 100% and slide the products bar down to 0%

    If you would like to display only products from a variety of sites then slide the products bar up to 100% and slide the businesses bar down to 0%
    For a combination of sites and products, adjust the sliding bars accordingly
  5. Specify how many items would you like to display in this area.
  6. You have the option to allow customers to search within the businesses/products that are displayed. You can also choose to display either a default or customised message when no search results are found. 
  7. ‚ÄčYou can optionally choose to filter products based on their price, simply choose a range e.g $50 and $200. If you do not want to specify a price range leave these blank.
  8. Specify how you would like the businesses/products to be ordered on the page.
  9. You can boost items with particular search items up the sort order. For example, if you would like to show women's clothing then you may want to boost products or businesses with search terms such as "women's", "clothing", "skirt" and "jewellery."
  10. You can also anti-boost products/businesses to prevent unwanted content from appearing. For example, in this women's clothing gallery you may want to anti-boost products with search terms such as "men's", "male" and "boy."
  11. If you'd like to favour Ecommerce products over Enquire products then you can decide on a boost level for this. This works in tandem with your other boost selections, therefore you may need to try various combinations in order to find the right mix of products.
  12. Alternatively you can use the boost tool to randomise the display of products/businesses.
  13. Select Finish

    Once you have finished the wizard you will see products appear from your connected sites. If they don't look quite right Edit the Marketplace Search item again and amend your boost selections.
  14. When you are happy with your new gallery Publish changes