Getting the most out of your listing

What is a listing? 

A listing is a one page mini-website that sits within a Storbie marketplace. When a marketplace administrator invites you to join their marketplace, you become the owner of a listing page. You can then log in, edit and customise your page to provide information about your business. This article addresses the type of information you can include on your listing page and how best to use it to gain more online exposure for your brand, plus increase enquiries and sales for your products and/or services. 


Configure how your listing appears in a marketplace 

To alter how you would like your business to appear within the business directory section of a marketplace follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the Manage area of your listing, click the Settings tab. 

  2. Click Edit listing profile. Continue through the wizard to enter a short description and upload your logo. 

  3. This is how your listing will appear in any Marketplace that you are connected with:


Markets and Categories 

Categories are used to join new markets, categorise your business within a market, or participate in promotions set up by the marketplace. To see your Categories, go to the Manage area of your listing and click the Markets tab. You will see a list of the markets that you are currently a part of, and a list of available categories within that market. Accept the categories that are relevant to your business or that you would like to participate in. 

The layout of a listing page 

Your listing page is divided into different content areas —a main central area called content, a sidebar area on the right, a content header above content, and a page header for content such as a banner or a logo. There is also a place reserved for your page’s title. 

You can place any number of items that you like in your page header, content header, body, and sidebar. Items in each area are stacked one on top of each other in a vertical stack. We call these stackable items content items. Content items can be text, images, videos, products, and more. Before you add any content items, familiarise yourself with how to change, preview, publish and undo content by reading this article
Now let's add some content items to your listing page. The rest of this article looks at each content item that you can add and links to more useful articles for step-by-step instructions. 


Your banner is the first thing people see when they browse your listing so you want it to grab attention. A high quality image or logo is most effective.  
Here is a text banner: 

Here is an image banner:  

Take a look at this article and add a banner to your listing page now. 


Use the text/formatted text content item to describe your business or say whatever you wish! You can also insert images alongside text and create hyperlinks. Read this article about adding text to a page.  


High quality, professional-looking imagery can really help to promote your business. Images can also be used to link to things such as your social media pages or a brochure. For a more detailed look at adding images, read this article

Opening Hours 

Many online visitors will browse the marketplace and then want to visit you in store. You can specify your opening hours with this content item. 

Once you enter your opening hours they will display on your listing similar to this.


The address content item is automatically added to your listing ready for you to fill in. To do so just click EDIT. 

Enter your address in the fields as shown below.  You can also map your location and add a Google Maps content item. 

Contact Form 

The contact form is also added to your page automatically so all you need to do is put in your preferred email address and people can use the form to get in touch. You can customise the subject line of that email so you know the enquiry came from your listing page. 

Google Maps 

When you add the Google Maps content item, we look at the address you provided and automatically configure your map to show your location. Alternatively, you can specify a different address. Here's how to add Google Maps to your listing. 

Products and Product Galleries 

You can add up to three enquiry only products into your listing. These products display within the product gallery content item and will appear in the Products section of a marketplace that your listing is connected with. You could choose to feature your best-selling products, go with a theme, products for a particular occasion, or your sale items. You can change these products whenever you like to keep your listing fresh. 
Add a product to a product gallery now by following the steps in this article. Each of these products will also have its own product page, an example is shown below. You can customise and add content items to your product pages also. 

YouTube video 

Do you have any interesting videos about your business to share? Upload them to your business YouTube account and then easily add them into your listing page. Here's an article which shows you how to do that. 


Content items unique to the sidebar area 

Along with text and images, the sidebar content area can display a Facebook like button and social media sharing buttons. 

Read how to link your Facebook page here.
Read how to add social media sharing buttons with AddThis.  

Upgrading your listing into a website or online store  

If you have more products that you would like to display in the marketplace, or if you want a website or online store with your own domain e.g. (that also feeds into the market) you can easily upgrade your listing page into a mobile-friendly, ecommerce-capable website.  Simply click 'Upgrade to a shop' within the Manage area to get started.