DPS Payment Express Integration

DPS Payment Express is a highly trusted way to take online credit card orders in New Zealand. It must be integrated with a new or existing merchant account from your own bank.

Once a customer has chosen to buy an item(s) from your shopping cart and selects credit card (DPS Payment Express), Storbie will take them through the checkout process and will direct the customer to the DPS Payment Express gateway to make the purchase. The customer is then returned to your site once the payment is complete.

If you would like to set up a DPS Payment Express account please click here or if you have an existing DPS PxPay account please follow the instructions below:

Adding DPS Payment Express as a payment method  (Existing DPS customers):

  1. If you have an existing PxPay account please navigate to the Payment Methods page in the Manage area of your site you can access the DPS Payment Express account details page as shown below.  
  2. Enter your credentials and click next.
  3. If you intend to charge a fee to use this payment method please include this here.
  4. Click finish and DPS Payment Express will now be offered to your customers as a payment method.

To Set Up a DPS Account

  1. Firstly you'll need to decide which plan you'd like to go on: 
  2. Then advise your bank that you want to link your online store to your merchant account and have the payments processed through DPS Payment Express. Your bank will advise you what the applicable fees will be for your online purchases. These tend to be higher as banks deem online purchases to be more risky than retail purchases.
  3. Your bank will normally have a checklist of items that you need on your website such as Terms and Conditions and Returns Policies. These can be updated in the Policies section in Settings under Manage.
  4. They may also request that you display the Visa and MasterCard logos in your Cart area. You can download these images here: 
  5. Once your bank has approved your Storbie Shop they'll give you a merchant number 

Linking your DPS with Storbie

Once you have the merchant number we just need a few details from you so we can link up your store. Please get in touch with support@storbie.com with the following details and we will be able to sort it out -
  • Trading name
  • Legal Name
  • Business Description
  • Business Type (Incorporated Society, Limited Liability, Non-profit, Sole trader)
  • Physical Address
  • Postal Address if different
  • Contact Details: First and last name, phone and email address
  • The DPS plan you would like to use (e.g. Starter or Business Plan
  • Which bank do you hold your merchant account with

Once we have all these details we ask DPS to activate the link between DPS and and your store. This will take approximately 5 working days for them to approve it.

Once approved we will switch your Storbie Subscription to include your monthly DPS fee. We will send a separate invoice for the DPS setup cost and any monthly overage fees not included in the subscription payment. The setup fee doesn't kick in until we link your merchant account and you give us the final OK.

If you have any questions about this process or would like to get in touch with us, just email support@storbie.com and we can answer your questions.