What Do I Need to Get Started?

Below is a checklist of things that you will need to create a simple Storbie store and start selling online. If you don’t have everything just yet, don’t worry, do as much as you can and update your content later when you do.
  • A name for your store
  • Your logo
  • A hero image: At least 2000 pixels wide
  • Some text about your business
  • For your products:
    • At least one good quality image
    • A description of the product
    • A selling price
  • An understanding of the cost of shipping your products. We suggest that you keep this as simple as possible. Even better, build these costs into your product’s selling price and offer ‘free shipping’ as this attracts buyers.
  • A bank account for your buyers to deposit money into
Save all of your text into a document and have your banner and product images stored in a folder on your computer.

Now that you have these things gathered together you can have a shop up and running on the internet in less than 30 minutes.