Shipping Frequently Asked Questions

How do I offer different shipping costs for regions within New Zealand?

Couriers and postal services usually have different rates depending on how far the package is going to travel. For example, there are often different rates for local, North Island and South Island delivery. We recommend that you use the shipping methods functionality to address this scenario, by creating a new shipping method for each delivery region. The customer will select which of the regions applies to their address during the checkout process.

Can I offer free shipping?

Absolutely. This is the default setup when you create your shop. Simply set the per order and per item costs to $0.00. Customers love free shipping so it is a great idea to treat your shipping as a general cost of business when determining product prices. Just like you do for stock, rent, marketing costs, etc. You can also provide free shipping once a customer spends a certain amount within an order by using a shipping promotion.

If a customer buys products across multiple shipping variations then which per order cost applies?

If a customer purchases items across multiple shipping variations then the highest per order cost applies. For example, if a shop sells key-rings with a per order cost of $3 shipping and posters with a per order cost of $10 and both are added to a cart then the $10 per order price is applied to the cart.