Customising a Product’s Page

Product detail pages in Storbie are just like any other page. This gives you a lot of flexibility. Just like any other page you can show or hide the right sidebar and stack in text, images and videos. You can even add a product gallery on to a product page. This can be useful, for example, for displaying a product’s accessories encouraging a customer to purchase them.

To ensure that a product can be purchased, product detail pages have a compulsory product details item in their page body which you can’t delete. Other than that, what you put on the page is up to you.

To edit a product's details page navigate to the product while editing your shop.

Customising a Product's Details Area

Every product page has a compulsory product details content item that sits in its main content area. You are free to move it up and down and place other items such as images, videos and text areas above or below it but you can’t delete it.

You can change the way that the product details content item is displayed for a particular product by editing its display settings.
  1. Navigate to the product’s details page while editing your shop.
  2. Click on the appearance edit icon on the product details content item.
  3. Choose your preferred layout.
  4. Click NEXT.
  5. Choose your image border preference.
  6. Click FINISH.

Customising the Location of the Add to Cart Area

Every product details page must have an add to cart area which displays the product’s price and gives your customer the opportunity to purchase the product. By default this sits in the right side bar, if you have one and you are free to move it up and down and put other items above and below it. You can also choose to remove it out of the side bar or hide the side bar completely. If you do this then the add to cart area will be display within the product’s product detail area instead.