Add a Product on to Multiple Pages

There may be times when you want to display the same product in multiple places in your store. For example you might want to display a green potato peeler in the kitchen tools category and on the product specials page as well. Even though the product is displayed in multiple places it is still the same product and has one pool of stock, one description, one price etc.

Adding an Existing Product to a Product Gallery

  1. Navigate to the page in your shop that has the product gallery you want to display the product in, or create a new product gallery.
  2. Click in the box named Search products and start typing the name of the product (Green Shirt). A list will appear containing products that start with that name.
  3. Click the ADD button that is next to the Green Shirt product to add it to this gallery.
  4. Click FINISH.
  5. The product is now also displayed in this gallery.
It is also possible to add a product to a product gallery by changing its product tags. This will save you time if you have a large store with lots of products. To find out more read the article managing product tags.