Updating Stock Levels Using Product Import

If you include stock levels in your product import then, by default, product stock levels are updated for new products and SKUs only but are ignored for existing products and SKUs. Stock levels can change within your store as they are purchased by your customers so this behaviour is to ensure that you don’t accidentally set your stock levels back to their original values.

From time to time, however, you may want to update all of your stock levels for existing as well as new products (i.e. after a stock take) using a product import.

  1. Go to the products tab in the Manage area.
  2. Click Import Products.
  3. Ensure that the Update stock levels for existing products check box is ticked.
  4. Select your CSV file which contains the updated stock levels.
  5. Click FINISH.
If your CSV file also contains non-stock level changes, such as product name updates, then these will be applied as normal. It is, however, possible to just include product and SKU ID (if applicable) columns as well as a stock level for a stock update import.