Adding a Product

After adding a product gallery to a page you can start adding products to it.

  1. Click the Create a NEW PRODUCT button.
  2. Enter a name for the product then press the TAB key or click in the Unique Product Code text box. A product code will be created for you.
  3. You can either keep the generated product code or enter your own. The unique product code is an internal code that helps you to identity the product when it is purchased. For this reason, no two products can have the same unique product code. It is not shown to your customers so is for your internal use only. Click NEXT.
  4. Choose how many of the product can be purchased. You can either choose that the product can be purchased an unlimited amount of times, that there is limited stock, or that it is a one off item such as a painting. In this case we are choosing that there is limited stock of 3 items only.
  5. The next consideration is whether the product varies by factors such as size or colour (called variations). If there are no variations, simply enter the product’s price. You can also optionally put the product on special by entering a special reduced price as well.
  6. If the product has variations, select ‘There are variations…’ A grid will be displayed.
  7. Enter all of the different types of the product that are available (each row is often referred to as a SKU or Stock Tracked Unit). 
    You can change the name of the variation from the default of Size to whatever is required for the product. You can also add up to two additional variations such as Colour by selecting the "Add a Variation" button.
  8. You will need to enter an identifier for each SKU, a unit cost and a special cost (if applicable). If you have specified that there is limited stock available then you will need to enter a stock level. You can also add a barcode to be associated with each SKU.

  9. If you have limited stock on the product then you will be also prompted to choose if a message is displayed to your customers when the stock level is low.
  10. Click NEXT.
  11. Enter a short description for the product which is displayed in some types of product galleries and a detailed description which is shown on the product’s details page.
  12. Click NEXT.
  13. Select a main image for the product. You can add additional images later.
  14. Click NEXT.
  15. Leave the default for product tags. You may recall that you chose this tag as the one associated with the product gallery which you are adding this product into. This product has therefore been automatically associated with the ‘Shirts (gallery)’ tag because products with this tag will be displayed in that gallery.
  16. Click NEXT.
  17. Set this product's shipping information or leave the defaults.
  18. Click NEXT.
  19. Select how you would like the product to be displayed. Most of the time you will leave the product to be displayed as normal, however there may be times when you want to temporarily hide the product or not allow it to be purchased.
  20. Click FINISH.
  21. The product is displayed in the gallery.
  22. Two things have now occurred. Firstly a new product has been added to your shop’s product catalogue. Secondly, the product has been set to display in the product gallery because it has been assigned the appropriate product tags.
  23. Click on the product’s image to go to the product’s detail page.​
  24. Note that if the product has variations then selectors are available for your customers to choose which option (SKU) they want to purchase.