Downloading Orders

You can download your order information as a CSV file. CSV files are suitable for loading into other systems and can be opened or imported into a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel.
  1. Go to the Orders tab in the Manage area.
  2. Select orders that you wish to download using the check box on the left of the order.
  3. Hover over the menu named MORE.
  4. Click on the menu item Download summary of the selected orders (CSV).
  5. This will start a process that when finished will give you a download notification. 
  6. Select the CSV and it will start downloading. 

Updating External System with an Order Export

If you use the order export feature to update an external system with your order information ensure that your import process takes advantage of the column names in the first row of the CSV file to determine within columns contain which data. It is possible, from time to time as we add additional features, that we may add columns to the export and they may not always be added at the end. If you base your import on column location rather than column name then these changes may break your import process. It is far less likely that we will change the column names or remove columns altogether.