Order Statuses and Workflow

Orders in Storbie have a status which changes as the order is paid and fulfilled. The statuses are as follows:
Status Description
Pay Pending The order has been confirmed by the customer. They are paying for it using a custom payment method and you have not yet marked the order as paid.
Paid The order has been paid and is ready to by process (fulfilled).
Processed You have fulfilled the order and marked it has processed (complete).
Wrong Payment A payment has been lodged against the order, however it doesn’t equal the amount of the order.

When a customer buys something from you an order will be displayed in your order management area. The initial status of the order will either be Pay Pending or Paid. This will depend on whether the order has been purchased using an integrated payment method, such as PayPal, or a custom payment method such as bank deposit. In the case of an integrated payment method the customer will have paid for the order at the time they made the purchase so the order will be marked as Paid. With a custom payment method you will need to look out for the payment and mark the order as paid yourself so the initial status will be Pay Pending.

Once an order has been paid you should:
  1. Send out the goods.
  2. Mark the order as processed.