The Customer Buying Experience

A customer who visits your shop using a web browser will be able to browse through the pages that you have created and view your products. Whenever products are displayed that you have made available for sale the customer will be presented with an Add to Cart button.

If there are variations to choose from, such as size or colour, they will be displayed above the add to cart button.

The product/s will then be added to the cart which they can view at any time.

If they have more than one delivery option for a particular country, they will then be prompted to choose their preference. The shipping estimate is just what the total cost of the purchase will be when the customer enters the checkout phase. 

When they are ready to purchase their items, they will be directed through the checkout process, firstly entering their delivery and billing address (if applicable).

Lastly, if there is a choice of payment provider then your customer will be asked to choose which one suits them best.

Then they will click the Place Order button to complete the order.

If the customer has chosen to pay using one of your integrated payment methods they will then be directed to that payment service to make the payment after which they will return to your shop and will be informed that the payment was successful. If they are using a custom payment method then an order confirmation will be displayed along with the payment instructions.

Soon after a customer orders from you, Storbie will send an email to both you and the customer with full details of the order along with any payment instructions.

Email is a great way of monitoring your orders and the contents of the email contains enough information to package the products together and send them out. We suggest, however,  that you take advantage of the order management area in Storbie which can be used to view new and old orders, print out invoices, and mark orders as paid and processed.