Changing Your Shop's Banner

It is worth investing in a striking top banner image to create a great first impression. Banner images for Storbie stores should be at least 2000 pixels wide to take advantage of devices that use Retina quality displays. Or, if you are using the banner with a Hero Image you may decide to use your logo instead. Again this should be high resolution to support Retina quality displays.

Once you have your image or logo ready it is easy to place it at the top of your store.

  1. Under Page Header, click on Edit for SITE
  2. Select Edit next to Banner
  3. Select I would like to upload a custom logo or banner image.
  4. Click NEXT.
  5. Drag your image on to the area that says Drop FILES HERE or click to SELECT. You can also choose a mobile alternative image which will be displayed when your site is viewed on a mobile device. This is optional.
  6. Click NEXT.
  7. This part of the wizard allows you to choose the alignment of your image. If you are using your logo it is recommended that you choose either Left, Right or Middle. Alternatively, if you are uploading a large banner, similar to the one below, you should choose Full Width.
    ​You can also resize your image, this is a good way to ensure that text remains legible if you have text within your logo. Click NEXT to continue to the final part of the wizard.

    Full Width Banner Example:
  8. In the last step you have some options that decide how your navigation is organised. Have a quick read of the instructions provided and decide which option you prefer. Remember this can always be changed afterwards.
  9. The final option here determines whether the banner and navigation (if grouped together) are to span the width of the page or be constrained to the width of your page content. It is worth trialling a few different combinations to see what works best for you.
  10. Click FINISH to view your new banner.