Changing Shop Appearance

Storbie provides an ever increasing ways to customise the look of your store. Many of these settings are available in the appearance area of your shop’s management area.

  1. Click on Manage to go into the shop management area.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Click on Appearance.
  4. Click Edit shop design.
  5. Adjust your shop’s colour scheme.
  6. Click NEXT.
  7. Choose your page display preference.
  8. Click NEXT
  9. Choose your navigation style.
  10. Click NEXT.
  11. Select the font that will be used by your headings and menus.
  12. Click NEXT.
  13. Choose the font that you would like to use for the body text in your store.
  14. Click Next.
  15. You can now pick a favicon. This is the little image that sits on the top of the tab.
  16. Click Next.
  17. You can now pick your button styling.
  18. Click FINISH.
  19. Preview what your shop will look like now with these settings applied by clicking on the PREVIEW button.
  20. If you like what you see, publish your changes.

The appearance area also allows you to update other settings such as the default layouts for your galleries and default cropping and border preferences for you images.