Beta features - What are they and what is available?

What are beta features?

Storbie is always improving, with new features being continuously added in response to your requests and feedback. Before we release a new feature to everyone, however, we want it to be used by a few of our more enthusiastic customers to get their feedback. That way we can make some final tweaks based on those customer’s observations before flicking the big switch and rolling it out to one and all.

What expectation should you have of beta features?

Before we release a feature as in beta we do a lot of testing to ensure that it works and is of high quality. However as beta features are brand spanking new there is a higher chance that there will be an unexpected quirk with a beta feature than with the ones that have been kicking around in Storbie for a much longer time. Beta features are therefore for slightly more adventurous types like Edmund Hillary or Jean Batten.

How do I get them turned on for my store?

If you want to use a beta feature in your store, all you have to do is let us know by contacting support at

What beta features are available now?

The following features are currently available to test and are able to be used upon request at


Using our 'Apps' feature, it has never been easier to access all your favourite Storbie add-ons! This new feature offers a seamless view of add-ons that can be used to improve the performance and flexibility of your site. Using the 'Apps' tab, you can now activate analytics, payment methods and point of sale integrations (amongst many other features), with the click of a button.

Address Lookup 

Take the guess work out of delivery addresses and let Google do the work of automatically suggesting and completing valid address fields on your customers behalf during checkout, complete with postcode!

New Product Galleries

Update the style of your Product Gallery pages using the new product gallery styles available in the Appearance section of your Storbie site.

Product Gallery Style: Modern 
Stylise your product galleries with the new grey background feature for your product images and define the boundaries of your product tiles with the shadow setting to bring a new dimension of professionalism to your product pages. Additionally, enjoy the masonry style layout where items stack under each other instead of displaying in a grid with uniform rows.​

Product Image Cropping: Shrink & Trim
Choose the handy new shrink and trim feature so your product images appear beautiful and uniform without any awkward cropping cutting off parts of your product photos!​

New Page Galleries

Child Page Gallery Style: Overlay
Use the new overlay feature on your child page galleries. Overlay shifts your category titles to the tile and overlays a transparent section to modernise the whole look and feel.​

Abandoned Order Recovery

Wouldn’t it be useful to be able to reach out to a person who almost became a customer and convert them into an actual one? Now, with Abandoned Orders you can. When a potential shopper fails to complete their order after transferring to the checkout, the details can be retrieved from within your Storbie site.​

Facebook Messenger Live Chat

Customers can now easily start a conversation with you directly within your Storbie website, in real-time by selecting the Facebook Messenger icon in the bottom right of your site. If you’re keen to give this a go, you’ll need to ensure that your team are actively monitoring your Facebook Messenger account. Nobody likes being greeted with silence by a live chat service!​

Performance Insights Dashboard

For some time, Storbie has supported an integration with Google Analytics, giving you detailed analysis and insights on the performance of your online shop. However, Google Analytics can sometimes be a bit overwhelming so wouldn’t it be nice to have access to key website performance data right within your Manage area? Good news! With Storbie’s new Insights Dashboard, you can analyse key performance data of your products and pages over your morning coffee. It couldn’t be easier!​

How do I find out about future beta features?

We publicise new beta features on our blog, so become a follower to find out about new beta features as they become available.