Adding Content to a Page

Each page of your shop is divided into different content areas, a main central area called content a sidebar area on the right, a content header above content and a page header for things like a top banner. There is also an area on the left which is reserved for your left menu an area above the content header for your top menu and a place reserved for your page’s title.

You can place any number of items that you like in your page header, content header, body, and sidebar. Items in each area are stacked one on top of each other in a vertical stack. We call these stackable items content items. Content items can be text, images, videos, products and we are often adding new ones for you to try.

Adding a Content Item to an Area

  1. Navigate to the page that you want to add the content item to.
  2. Ensure you are editing the page.
  3. Focus on the content area that you want to add the content item into and look for the rectangular bar that sits above it. Here’s the one for the
  4. Hover over the down arrow. This will display all of the content items that can be added to that area.
  5. Select the item you want to add and follow the instructions.
  6. The new item will be added below any existing items.
  7. To edit the content item’s settings, click on the pencil to the left of its name.
  8. You can move the content item up and down using the arrow buttons.
  9. The item can be deleted using the trash can.
  10. To move or copy the item to a different page or content area, click on the scissors (to move) or the repeated pages (to copy).
  11. When you do this, you will see paste icons appear in the places that it can be moved or copied to. Click on this icon to move or copy the item.

Hiding and Showing Areas

You can change the structure of a page by hiding various sections such as the sidebar, menu and page title

  1. Navigate to a page in your site in edit mode.
  2. Click on the crossed out eye on the right sidebar.
  3. The sidebar will disappear leaving more horizontal space for your content.
  4. You can bring the sidebar back by clicking on the Add SIDEBAR button.
  5. Click on the crossed out eye on the left menu. It will disappear and the content area will now take up the full page’s width. Note that if you don’t have any content in the content header then this area will not show any more as it is not relevant when both the menu and sidebar are hidden.
  6. Click on the button Hide TITLE. The title will be greyed out indicating that it will not be shown on the page.
  7. Click on PREVIEW to see what the page will now look like to your customers.