Skipping Redundant Pages

Sometimes a page is not useful in itself, but is only required to be there because of its children (many parents feel this way). An example might be the Shop page. Perhaps you haven’t got anything to put on it, but it needs to be there to contain the pages Hats, Socks and Ties. When your customer clicks on the Shop page you just want the first child-page’s content to display, in this case the content from the page Hats.

Let’s do this.

  1. In edit mode, click on the Shop page.
  2. Click Edit Details from the THIS PAGE menu.
  3. Click Next to move to the visibility information for the page.
  4. Change the Page Visibility setting to Redirect to child-page.
  5. Click FINISH.
  6. Note that now, when you click on the Shop page, the information from the Hats page is displayed.
  7. You can navigate to the old Shop page’s settings to change the setting back by clicking on Edit Shop Top Menu Item in the THIS PAGE menu.