Creating Pages

Let’s create a new page
  1. Ensure you are editing your shop by clicking in EDIT.
  2. Click on the shop link. You will see its child-pages listed in the menu on the left
  3. Click on the lower Add CATEGORY / PAGE button.
  4. Dream up a name for the page.
  5. Click FINISH.
  6. Note that a new page has appeared in the left menu.
  7. The smaller Add CATEGORY / PAGE button provides a way to add a child-page underneath the currently selected page so let’s do that.
  8. Ensure that your new page is selected and click on the smaller Add CATEGORY / PAGE button.
  9. Give the new page a name.
  10. Click FINISH.
  11. The new page is displayed as a sub-page in the menu.
  12. Click on the button with an up and down arrow displayed on it to re-order the pages.
  13. You can change other settings about a page, such as its name, by navigating to a page, and selecting Edit Details from the THIS PAGE menu.
  14. You can create new top level menu pages by clicking on the plus sign on the top menu.