Understanding Site Structure

Let’s take a moment to think about a tree, starting at the trunk and working upwards. A tree’s trunk splits into branches, then each of those branches split into more branches and so on. This is often how a website works too. The trunk is the generally the first page that a customer sees when they visit your site (often called a home page). They navigate from the trunk up through your website’s branches until they find what they are after. The tree structure of a web site is often called a site map.

This is how Storbie works too. You can set your shop’s tree structure up any way that you like with each point on the tree being a page that your customers can view in their web browser. You choose what you want to display on each page such as text, images, videos or products to sell.

Let’s think about the page called Shop in the above diagram. It has two pages underneath it, Socks and Shoes. In Storbie we called these three pages the child-pages of the page called Shop. It is kind of like the Shop page is the parent and Socks and Shoes are its children on a family tree. The page called Socks has two children, Sports Socks and Business Socks.

Navigating Around

Each one of the pages in a site’s tree structure has its own web address, technically known as a URL (or Uniform Resource Locator for those wearing glasses repaired with sticking tape). In Storbie this web address follows a simple structure. If your shop’s home address is www.myshop.com the web address for the sports socks page will be something like www.myshop.com/shop/socks/sports-socks. Of course you don’t want your customers to have to type this in which is where menus and other hyperlinks come in handy. Storbie sites automatically provide an easy way for your customers to navigate around your shop’s tree of pages. Visitors to your shop can always get to the home page by clicking on the banner or title of the site. The top menu just under than banner has links to all of the pages and the next level down (shop, about us and contact us). When you navigate to one of these pages, a left menu is displayed which provides links to the child-pages such as socks shoes and ties. Clicking on those pages displays links to the child-pages under them such as sports socks and business socks.

Have a click around your shop’s menus to familiarise yourself. Also note that when you navigate off the home page a handy little list of links appears at the top left of your shop indicating where you are in the tree with links to head back up towards the trunk. This is called a breadcrumb trail based on the story of Hansel and Gretel who intended to use a trail of this kind to find their way home to dispose of their evil stepmother before the birds ate them causing them to be locked in a cage by a witch (your local library will have a copy if you want to know what happens next).