Changing, Previewing & Publishing Content (Undo)

One of the fantastic things about Storbie is that you can edit your shop without fear because you are able to preview all of your changes before your customers will see them, then publish them if you are happy, or undo them if you are not.

To illustrate, let’s add some text to your home page:
  1. Make sure you are in EDIT mode by clicking on the EDIT button.
  2. Ensure you are on the home page by clicking on the shop title or the menu link named Shop.
  3. Look for the strip of grey named CONTENT. It contains a button named Text. Give it a click.
  4. Type in some sophisticated prose. Josh wrote this for his girlfriend. She was really impressed.
  5. Click FINISH. You will see the text appear on the page.
  6. We want the text to appear at the top of the page. Click on the up arrow over to the right of the text to move it up.
  7. Click PREVIEW. You will see the text that you have added to the page just as your customers will see it.
  8. Now click on the VIEW tab. The text disappears. This is because the VIEW tab displays only published content and the text you have entered has not been published.
  9. Hover over the button called CHANGES.
  10. Click on the VIEW/UNDO button that appears.
  11. You will be presented with a list of changes that have been made to your shop since you last published. You will see that the shop page is listed as changed because you have added some text to it. If you have made changes to other pages as well then they will be listed here as well.
  12. Note now that you have two choices, Publish, or Undo.
  13. Publish will publish all of your changes making them instantly viewable by your customers. Undo will roll back all of your changes to the last time that you clicked publish. Unlike most things in Storbie you can’t undo an Undo or undo a Publish so make sure that is what you want to do before you click!
  14. Let’s publish our text.  Click on Publish and confirm by clicking OK.
  15. Now click on the VIEW tab once more. Your text is now published and will be displayed.