What is Storbie?

Sarah owns a successful boutique store selling a wonderful collection of carefully selected gifts. She is tired of being asked why it is not possible to buy her products online and knows that an online store would be great for business. She’s on a budget and is afraid that if she approaches a web-design company to build a site for her that there will be lots of hidden costs and unexpected problems.

Josh has recently returned home after travelling the world. While overseas he discovered a fantastic brand of amplifiers and feels that he could make a good profit selling them on the internet. He’s built some web sites before for his friends but knows that it can burn a lot of time. He just wants to get on with it rather than worrying about all of the technical details and ongoing maintenance problems.

For Sarah and Josh Storbie is just what they are looking for. Using Storbie they can have their ecommerce store up and running on the internet within hours. Better still, their site will be entirely within their control. They are able to easily update their site’s content, products and images and make the updates instantly available.

Sarah and Josh don’t need to be super-technical. All they need is a computer, an internet connection and a sense of adventure.

It is free to create a Storbie shop. The low monthly fee is payable only when you are ready to start selling and there are no hidden fees. Hosting and support is all included. Storbie is integrated with a number of payment providers such as PayPal and DPS Payment Express and charges no additional success or transaction fees.